Go Green to Save Your Green $$: 3 Ways You Can Cut Costs Now with Green Energy

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Each year, Earth Day is a reminder to reflect on our own energy habits and how they impact our lives. Your commercial HVAC system is one of many ways you can not only reduce energy consumption, but costs as well.

How is the Energy Efficiency of Your HVAC System Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Did you know it’s estimated that heating and cooling can contribute to as much as 73% of the total energy costs in commercial buildings? When it comes to keeping energy use and operational costs down, the efficiency of your HVAC system is critical.

For commercial property owners, if you haven’t already, making the switch to green HVAC technology can reduce greenhouse gases and environmental footprint, while also increasing energy efficiency and cost-savings.



Green HVAC System Types

Here are three ways you can go green with your HVAC system to save some money!









1. Smart Thermostats & Building Controls

Smart thermostats are just one of the many smart building controls you can implement into your own energy strategy, leveraging the latest HVAC technologies to integrate and automate all aspects of your building.

When integrated with your HVAC system, smart building controls monitor and automate your HVAC system’s critical points like the temperature, fan status, indoor air quality conditions, and compressor status, and you can even maintain your building anytime, anywhere using a smart app on your phone. . Best of all, smart building controls also optimize your system to be as efficient as possible, saving energy and money.










2. Zoned HVAC Systems

When you’re looking to cut energy costs, zoned HVAC systems are an excellent choice. With zoned systems, you can easily divide your building into multiple heating and cooling zones, all of which can be controlled separately, creating maximum comfort throughout all areas of your building.

With Zoned HVAC systems, you don’t pay for energy you don’t use; rarely used spaces won’t take up energy just to reach a specific temperature needed in another area of your building.














3. HVAC Economizers

HVAC economizers are another excellent way to save energy and money while maintaining your commercial building. HVAC economizers are part of the outdoor system of an HVAC system, typically mounted on the roof of the building. Economizers evaluate the outside temperature and humidity, and when those exterior air levels are appropriate, will use the outside air to cool your building.

When implemented, HVAC economizers lower energy consumption and costs, while reducing the amount of work your commercial air conditioning system does (prolonging its life!) and improve indoor air quality through increased ventilation.


Reduce Your Energy Consumption with Green Heating and Cooling

To minimize your energy use and save on operational costs, contact Air Stream today at (516) 747-4700 and we’ll help you choose the best green energy options for your facility!



The 5 “Coolest” HVAC Trends of 2021

With each passing year, the HVAC industry sees exciting new developments which we love to leverage for our clients to perfect the environments they live, work, and play in. In 2021, there are several exciting commercial HVAC trends on the rise, and we’re sharing the top five that every building owner should know about.

Green Energy

One of the biggest trends for 2021 in the HVAC industry is green energy. green energy cost savingsWhile green energy services have been on the rise for years, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, many people saw drastic rises in their HVAC bills while spending more time at home. Because of this, it’s expected that green energy will be at the forefront of the HVAC industry across the board as business owners, too, look to keep operational costs down while benefiting the environment.

What Does Green Energy Look Like?

Green energy can refer to heating that’s fueled by electricity or hydrogen, or energy that utilizes smart tools to provide cleaner solutions overall.

Ductless Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are another big trend in the HVAC industry for 2021. These systems consist of an outdoor condenser, as well as an indoor air-handling unit. They’re easy to install, efficient, and distribute conditioned air more evenly than traditional HVAC systems.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable refrigerant flow is another trend on the rise for 2021. This method allows you to install multiple zones in an office, which means you can have heat and cooling running simultaneously. When you use this system to have one area heating and one area cooling, for example, hot air will be taken from one area, and transformed into cool air in the other!

Zoned Heating and Air

Zoned heating and air has been at the forefront of the HVAC industry over the past year as office buildings have been less populated and business owners have become more interested in minimizing HVAC costs when people haven’t been inhabiting their buildings. zoned heating and air

With zoned heating and air, rarely used rooms don’t take up precious energy just to reach a selected temperature. The use of zoned heating and air can be highly sophisticated, but it can also be installed in a traditional HVAC system to meet your specific needs and control the temperature as needed to create the perfect environment.

Smart HVAC

As with many other industries, HVAC manufacturers are beginning to use the Internet of Things to embed sensors and other technologies into heating and cooling equipment. This allows for the equipment to monitor and collect data regarding systems’ performance and condition, which ensures that equipment is always working optimally.

At Air Stream, we recommend Smart Building Controls to clients looking to leverage smart technologies to integrate and automate all aspects of building management. Smart Building Controls are the future of your building operation, but you can take advantage of this technology now in order to perfect your environment, improve energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Get Started with Smart Building Controls

Benefits of Smart Building Controls

Simplified Operations
Control building features with like lights and window shades with the click of a mouse and maintain consistent indoor temperatures no matter the weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency
Save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint to feel better about how your building affects the environment.

Satisfied Employees and Tenants
Ensure employees and tenants are comfortable in the environment they work in, allowing them to be more productive while reaping the benefits of smart customization.

Customized Dashboards
Get a comprehensive view of all building data, monitor and control usage levels, review reports, and manage permissions…all from a single screen.

smart building controls

Let Air Stream Perfect Your Environment This Year

Whether you’re looking to make your system more energy-efficient, you’d like to cut costs, or you’re ready to take advantage of the smartest HVAC technology available for your heating and air system this year, Air Stream has the knowledge and experience with the latest HVAC technology to make it happen. For more information, please fill out our New Client Inquiry form, and a service manager will be in touch shortly!

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