Is Your Building Compliant With New York City Local Law 97?

Did you know buildings are the single-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City?

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Local Law 97 (LL97) was recently included in the Climate Mobilization Act as part of Mayor de Blasio’s New York City Green New Deal and plan to make the city carbon neutral by 2050 by increasing the sustainability of buildings.

Here’s a breakdown of what LL97 covers, how it will affect you as a building owner in New York City, and some actions you can take now so that your business isn’t negatively impacted by this change.

What is New York City’s Local Law 97?

Local Law 97 went into effect in November 2019. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New York City by 40% by the year 2030, and 80% citywide by 2050.

What Does Local Law 97 Cover?

Local Law 97 generally covers, with some exceptions:


How Are Building Owners Affected?

To meet the requirements of LL97, building owners like you must find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The easiest way to do so is by improving existing processes with more sustainable options. Smart building controls, for example, are a way to increase efficiency in your building through the automation of components such as your commercial HVAC system, lighting, and window shades.

What Actions Should You Take?

If you’re a building owner whose emission limits have been lowered, meaning, you are mandated to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, you have the option to follow the original limits based on NYC Building Code occupancy groups and/or the limits based on Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM)’s property types through 2025.

By 2026, you’ll be required to report your emissions using the ESPM property types.

Keep in mind that these sustainability changes can also help you save some money while reducing admissions and adhering to local guidelines. The goal of local law 97 is to create incentives for property owners to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, which will ultimately help cut down on their monthly utility bills.

Start reducing your building’s greenhouse gas emissions now—call Air Stream at (516) 747-4700 to discuss sustainable commercial HVAC options.


Should You Upgrade Your Building Management System in 2022?

As you look forward to the new year, now is the time to make considerations for your 2022 commercial HVAC plan. Could your HVAC system be more efficient? Could you be saving on monthly energy costs? Could you incorporate a new system design that flawlessly does everything your building needs…and more?! 

To give you an idea of how your commercial HVAC system can be improved in the new year, we’re highlighting Building Management Systems, including one of our favorite projects of 2020. 

What is a Building Management System? 

Building Management System (BMS), is a computer-based control system installed in commercial buildings. With a BMS in place, there is a centralized location in the building where all critical mechanical and electrical components are managed, including ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

Locked BMS Panel

Locked BMS Panel


A look inside the BMS Control Panel built by Air Stream Air Conditioning Corp.

A look inside the BMS Control Panel built by Air Stream Air Conditioning Corp.

Benefits of Building Management Systems

With an effective BMS in place, you not only benefit from a centralized control center but also: 

See How We Transformed this Long Island Commercial HVAC System: Broadhollow Road Renovation 

This year, the expertise of Air Stream AC’s Controls Department was enlisted for a full commercial HVAC renovation and refurbishment, as well as a Building Management System upgrade on all equipment at 534 Broadhollow Rd. in Melville, New York.

This project included full integrations of the main air handler, boiler and chiller plants, actuators, dampers for duct branches, and boiler and chiller water controls.

Chiller and Pump Status Screen

Chiller and Pump Status Screen


Cooling Tower, Pump, and VFD Status Screen

Cooling Tower, Pump, and VFD Status Screen


Main Sign on Screen

Main Sign on Screen


Air Handler, Dampers, and VFD Status Screen

Air Handler, Dampers, and VFD Status Screen


Boiler Status Screen

Boiler Status Screen


With this centralized system in place, our client reaps the benefits of smart building controls every day, with fully integrated and automated building management. 

Smart building controls also offer: 

Start 2022 with a Building Management System Upgrade 

Honeywell Building Control SpecialistAs a certified Honeywell Building Specialist, Air Stream AC has the knowledge and field expertise to help you create a centralized system to monitor and manage the mechanical and electrical elements of your building. Simplify the way you manage your building, reduce energy costs, and create a space your tenants will love.

For more information, call (516) 747-4700. 







Go Green to Save Your Green $$: 3 Ways You Can Cut Costs Now with Green Energy

green energy cost savings








Each year, Earth Day is a reminder to reflect on our own energy habits and how they impact our lives. Your commercial HVAC system is one of many ways you can not only reduce energy consumption, but costs as well.

How is the Energy Efficiency of Your HVAC System Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Did you know it’s estimated that heating and cooling can contribute to as much as 73% of the total energy costs in commercial buildings? When it comes to keeping energy use and operational costs down, the efficiency of your HVAC system is critical.

For commercial property owners, if you haven’t already, making the switch to green HVAC technology can reduce greenhouse gases and environmental footprint, while also increasing energy efficiency and cost-savings.



Green HVAC System Types

Here are three ways you can go green with your HVAC system to save some money!









1. Smart Thermostats & Building Controls

Smart thermostats are just one of the many smart building controls you can implement into your own energy strategy, leveraging the latest HVAC technologies to integrate and automate all aspects of your building.

When integrated with your HVAC system, smart building controls monitor and automate your HVAC system’s critical points like the temperature, fan status, indoor air quality conditions, and compressor status, and you can even maintain your building anytime, anywhere using a smart app on your phone. . Best of all, smart building controls also optimize your system to be as efficient as possible, saving energy and money.










2. Zoned HVAC Systems

When you’re looking to cut energy costs, zoned HVAC systems are an excellent choice. With zoned systems, you can easily divide your building into multiple heating and cooling zones, all of which can be controlled separately, creating maximum comfort throughout all areas of your building.

With Zoned HVAC systems, you don’t pay for energy you don’t use; rarely used spaces won’t take up energy just to reach a specific temperature needed in another area of your building.














3. HVAC Economizers

HVAC economizers are another excellent way to save energy and money while maintaining your commercial building. HVAC economizers are part of the outdoor system of an HVAC system, typically mounted on the roof of the building. Economizers evaluate the outside temperature and humidity, and when those exterior air levels are appropriate, will use the outside air to cool your building.

When implemented, HVAC economizers lower energy consumption and costs, while reducing the amount of work your commercial air conditioning system does (prolonging its life!) and improve indoor air quality through increased ventilation.


Reduce Your Energy Consumption with Green Heating and Cooling

To minimize your energy use and save on operational costs, contact Air Stream today at (516) 747-4700 and we’ll help you choose the best green energy options for your facility!



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