The Ins and Outs of Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

If you’re a commercial property owner looking to increase the efficiency of your building’s HVAC set up this year, a Variable Refrigerant Flow system may be the right option for you!

How Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems Work

Much like ductless air conditioning systems, which link individual room units to an outdoor compressor, VRF systems work like large-scale duct systems.

Essentially, when a building uses Variable Refrigerant Flow, multiple distinct indoor units (or zones) operate on the same system. The VRF system moves refrigerant from zone to zone, precisely delivering the amount each zone requires to achieve its optimum level of comfort through better climate control.

Mini-Splits vs. Multi-Zones

Under the umbrella of VRF systems, there are multiple equipment setup options, including mini-splits and multi-zones.

A mini-split system consists of a single outdoor unit for every indoor unit. So, if you’re heating or cooling 6 rooms inside a building, you’ll also need 6 outdoor units installed for each of those rooms.

mini-split system

A multi-zone system involves multiple indoor units which are all connected to a single outdoor unit. With this system in place, if you have 6 indoor rooms you’d like to heat or cool, these rooms will all be connected to a single compressor.

multizone system

Benefits of Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

The benefits of VRF systems are abundant; property owners benefit from increased energy efficiency, cost-savings, and a greater ROI. Variable Refrigerant Flow systems also provide:

  • Easier installation than a full central system with ductwork
  • The ability to heat or cool single rooms with individual temperature control, as opposed to running the entire commercial HVAC system
  • Running at a low volume; because inverters ramp up and down, electricity usage varies and the system doesn’t need to run at full capacity 24/7

Make Your Commercial HVAC System More Customizable with VRF

Whether you’re looking to cut costs, increase energy efficiency, or simply make your building more comfortable from one room to the next for your tenants, a VRF system may be the right choice.

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