How to Winterize Your Commercial HVAC System

Your commercial HVAC system is responsible for keeping your building’s tenants comfortable indoors year-round. During the winter months, it’s especially important that your HVAC system is prepared for colder temperatures. Doing so ensures your system works as efficiently as possible while keeping energy costs down and minimizing downtime.

Here are several easy ways to winterize your HVAC system.

Full Preventive Maintenance, Heat Inspection, and Testing

Test electric heaters, and inspect flue pipes, ductwork, heating components, wiring, heat exchangers, blower assemblies, circulating pumps, and controls. Check times and temperatures on programmable thermostats.  Regularly scheduled air filter and belt replacements throughout winter ensure there are no blockages, less energy is used, and your building stays comfortable all winter long.

Protect Outside HVAC Components

As you can imagine, New York’s harsh winter weather can take a toll on any HVAC system components that are outside. Prior to freezing temperatures, air vents, condensation traps, airside economizers, and exposed water pipes all need to be properly insulated and protected to prevent freezing.

Clean Heating Ducts

Your HVAC system’s ductwork links the system equipment which produces heated and cooled air with the internal spaces in your building. Regular cleaning of your system’s heating ducts provides clean, fresh air to your building, and keeps your tenants comfortable. Having your heating ducts checked and cleaned by a professional regularly prevents the loss of heated air and unwanted energy costs.

Need Your Commercial HVAC System Winterized?

Make sure your building is winter-ready—call Air Stream at (516) 747-4700 to schedule service. We’ll ensure your property is equipped for the New York cold and your tenants remain comfortable all season long.



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