Eric H.

Our law firm has worked with Air Stream for over 15 years. Throughout our relationship we have found them to be the most diligent, creative and practical company. Air Stream separates itself by working in partnership with its clients to find the best course of action not just for the moment but for the long term in the most cost effective manner. There is no red tape in dealing with Air Stream, their responsiveness and attention to detail is second to none. One of their Air Stream’s best qualities is its ability to simplify complicated matters for their client, and explain it in a way so that the client can make educated choices. We appreciate their work so much that we have had no hesitation referring Air Stream to our commercial real estate clients, all of whom have thanked us profusely for the relationship.

400 Crossways Park Dr Suite 102
Woodbury, NY 11797
Tel : (516) 747-4700
Fax: (516) 747-0063

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