Why Your Commercial HVAC System Needs a Cooling Tower Startup

Spring is here…is your HVAC system ready?!

As one of the first steps toward preparing your commercial HVAC system for warmer weather and maintaining the comfort in your building, a cooling tower cleaning and startup are recommended.

What Happens When Your Cooling Tower is Shut Off and Drained in the Winter?

Your HVAC system’s cooling tower serves a necessary role in providing cool air consistently across your building. In New York, many property managers shut off and drain down their buildings’ cooling towers in the off-season, and then start them back up in the spring. Because cooling towers are located outdoors are subject to the elements of winter weather, dirt and debris may accumulate into the dry sump, and will need to be cleaned out prior to filling the cooling tower.

Cleaning the Cooling Tower

Prior to the startup of your cooling tower, it’s necessary to obtain services of chemical treatment company to coordinate cleaning and disinfecting cooling tower as required by New York City law.

Air Stream AC starts by removing debris from the tower. Next, we grease the motors and pumps, and inspect and tighten all electrical connections and components. Then, we fill the cooling tower, run pumps to circulate, and inspect the tower for any water leaks or mechanical issues that may need to be addressed prior to cooling season. Finally, you’ll need to contact the chemical company return to complete the cleaning and disinfecting process, as well as to start up the chemical treatment equipment.

Starting Up the Cooling Tower

After your cooling tower has been professionally cleaned and disinfected, Air Stream AC’s service technicians will return to pull clean all condenser water strainers at pumps and AC systems as needed. Water strainers are like filters; if they become clogged with dirt, it will impede the flow to your water cooled condensers, potentially causing cooling operations failure. Once your cooling tower is cleaned and serviced, Air Stream AC service technicians will inspect and start up your cooling systems to help ensure a smooth transition into the cooling season.

Schedule Your Cooling Tower Startup Now

As with all components of your commercial HVAC system, the best way to increase longevity, achieve greater cost efficiency, and maintain a comfortable space for your building’s tenants is through preventative maintenance. If you’re in need of a cooling tower startup this season or are ready to explore professional commercial HVAC maintenance plans for your property, call (516) 747-4700.


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