Why Your Commercial HVAC System Needs a Spring Cleaning and Tune-Up

Spring is in full bloom, which can only mean one thing—it’s time for spring cleaning!  

Now is the perfect time to kickstart your seasonal HVAC maintenance with a thorough inspection and cleaning of your system before the peak of summer when the last thing you want is for your building’s air conditioning to fail.  

Here are 3 reasons why your commercial HVAC system needs a spring cleaning and maintenance tune-up: 


Reason #1: Reduces Energy Costs 

If you’re looking to keep energy costs down, cleaning your commercial HVAC system needs to be a priority! Over time, dirt and debris can build up, which can then reduce the airflow of your system, making it work harder to get the cooling job done. With regular cleanings and tune-ups, your system performs at peak efficiency, making your ongoing energy costs much lower. 


Reason #2: Increases Longevity of Your Commercial HVAC System

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is key to ensuring it stays in great working order for years to come. By investing in a regular HVAC maintenance plan, you can reduce the costs you’d spend on HVAC repairs and system replacements. 


Reason #3: Greater Indoor Comfort for Your Tenants 

The last thing you’re going to want to deal with during the dog days of summer is repeated calls from your building’s tenants about malfunctioning air conditioning. With seasonal cleaning and maintenance on your system, a technician is much more likely to catch potential issues before they become a summertime air conditioning nightmare that frustrates your tenants. 


What to Expect from an HVAC System Spring Service Call 

To keep your system in tip-top shape, there are several components of your commercial HVAC system that should be cleaned and serviced in the spring, following a thorough inspection by a trained professional. 


Air Conditioner Coils 

Your commercial HVAC system has two types of air conditioning coils, evaporator coils and condenser coils. Evaporator coils are the indoor air-cooling coils responsible for removing heat from the inside and creating a cool and comfortable space for your building’s occupants. Condenser coils, on the other hand, pull heat from the inside of your building and exhaust it outside.  

Without cleaning your system’s coils, they will become clogged, restricting airflow and taking your system longer to cool down (costing you more money).  


Drain Lines 

Your system’s drain lines are another component that need to be cleaned and maintained. Condensation from your air conditioner collect in the drain line, making it the perfect environment for mold and algae. Over time, this can lead to the buildup of sludge, bacteria, fungus, and even blockages that can cause water to build up and overflow.  


Refrigerant Levels 

To maintain effective cooling in your building, your HVAC system needs to maintain the correct refrigerant level. With a technician’s watchful eye on your refrigerant level, not only will it remain at the correct level for peak indoor cooling and comfort, but it’s also possible to catch potential issues such as leaks before they become a major problem that could cause downtime. 



Damage to wiring is a common issue for commercial HVAC systems, usually due to pests like rats who have sought shelter during the cooler months of the year. Your technician will look for wiring issues and alert you to any issues requiring repair or replacement. 


Air Filters 

Last but not least—your system’s air filters should be changed on a regular basis to allow air to flow cleanly and freely throughout your building for optimal indoor comfort. 


Schedule Your Spring Commercial HVAC Maintenance Now 

No matter the season, the best way to prevent issues with your commercial HVAC system is with a regular proactive and preventive approach from Air Stream AC. Our team goes beyond maintenance alone and takes multiple measures to ensure your HVAC system’s deficiencies are addressed before they become issues in the future.

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